Successful company presence and Social Media

A successful online presence is achieved when all digital promoting-factors work together  properly and creatively. Social media, is one of these factors and is also a useful tool to direct your customer on your website, inform him about products and new services.

Although the presence in social media seems to be something simple, like any personal profile on facebook, the case with business profiles is very different.

Most business owners, are under the impression that managing a business profile is something simple and easy, that’s why they decide to manage it themselves, without having the knowledge and the necessary tools to promote their brand.

This results in both the loss of profit and loss of potential customers, who get disoriented and in the end follow your competition ..

Those who gain the advantage in promoting their brand, are the ones who follow a methodical and powerful strategy!

The Decade Development undertakes the creation and management of your personal page on facebook with the aim of increasing your profits, always following a properly structured promotional strategy, according to the needs of your business

  1. In the first stage we study your product and we are in constant contact with you to find your audience. We make it happen with digital tools and thorough study.
  2. We organize a comprehensive campaign-plan with precise movements to be made within the month in order to increase your business fans.
  3. We seamlessly check the progress and performance of advertising campaigns and adjust them according to your needs or the needs of consumers.
  4. We approach and increase your audience with posts that attract interest.
  5. We create custom ads (with unique visual and text content) and use keywords and quality content to make your page more popular.
  6. We find what is the most popular content concerning your business field and use it to highlight you.
  7. We promote your product through facebook ads, making precise targeting. We direct your audience and transform the facebook user into your customers.
  8. We direct the users who belong to the fun page of your business to your website, increasing traffic.
  9. Communicate with the followers, by creating a relationship of trust with your brand, in order to create a stable and growing audience.


Strenghten your place on the internet.


Create, loyal and growing customers.


Be ahead of your competitors.


Strong promotion that earns profit.

Decade Development, creates and manages your profile on Instagram expanding your customer base and increasing your revenue. The aim is not a general increase of followers, but the creation of loyal followers who become your customers

  1. We carry out research to find targeted audience.
  2. We organize a detailed promotional plan which will be assessed every month for performance and progress and will be adjusted according to the needs of your business.
  3. Add unique, quality content to attract followers.
  4. We make proper use of hashtags for your images so that they can be found by most of the instagram users.
  5. We ensure that the content of your posts are qualitative and optimized to attract more audience and will constantly follow your posts.
  6. We direct the followers to your website.
  7. We make focus and succeed in creating your dynamic web presence.

Important info

Facebook is one of the major social media companies and in Greece it has over 13 million users, who, are getting more and more steadily and rapidly.

This is the reason why, your exclusive facebook profile, is very important for your business.

Just take into consideration that all smart phones and tablets, include the application of facebook, which all users handle daily and for many hours, only to pleasantly spend their time.

The scroll down procedure in newsfeed (home page), is your ideal opportunity to advertise your business.

A user who is attracted to a post, clicks to see more details about what interests him.

Instagram is a popular and continuously growing networking tool, based on the image. Its users are growing rapidly day by day.

The great preferance the Instagram gets has to do with its simplified use, making it essential promotional tool online.

The users are focused on the aesthetic and artistic side of the image. It is this feature, you can exploit in a company to increase its profits.

An impressive figure, especially when it has to do with travel or food, automatically creates the feeling of desire: «I want to travel there!» «I want to taste that!»

With a proper well-structured promotion campaign, Instagram may be the ideal «agent» that will bring the user to you.