The website and its significance

Your website represents the online presence of your brand. The better impression you give to the user concerning your benefits and th company’s profile, the more chances you have to convince the user prefer your product and make him perform a profitable action.

In order to make this happen, your site needs to meet high standards

  • visual content

  • text

  • functionality

  1. The visual content

The image plays an important role in a website because it opens up the first stimulus that leads the user to navigate to your site. That’s why your photos should be representative, professional and attractive aiming to encourage the user to prefer your business.

Decade Development rigorously selects the photographic material so that it makes the best possible impression for your business, but also creates it for you if there isn’t any available, with the help of modern equipment and trained professionals.

Always with your cooperation, we find and attach the appropriate, modern design that makes your company stand out, giving it a unique identity.

Both the Responsive Web Design and the visual content are important parts of your website.

Creating a responsive web design means:

  1. The website is compatible with smart phones, and tablets, regardless of the size or quality and the screen resolution. In this way the user avoids the usual zoom in/zoom out action and is allowed to easily navigate from any device.
  2. Your website is positive evaluated by search engines compared with other non-responsive websites and acquire a good position in search results.
  3. Gain the interest of users primarily browse through mobile phones or tablets online. Meaning the 90% of consumers.

The people responsible to create these conditions, are the trained web-designers of Decade Development.

2.The content

The text is the second important factor concerning your business presentation.

Search engines, with most popular Google, bring out the websites with quality content that helps the user to take the info they’re looking for, immediately, comprehensibly, analytically and pleasantly.

Thus, in the first pages results, you’ll find those websites with easy-readable, structured, unique (Copy-Paste is evaluated negatively), detailed content.

For this purpose, Decade Development employs skilled copywriters group who:

  1. Create unique content that makes the user be more interested in your product, convincing them make a profitable action
  2. Integrates the qualitative texts creates the conditions required by the search engines, so the results to appear in the first pages and your position is stable and growing.

The necessity of multilingual content:

Once you’re online, your product is not going to be limited to a specific audience but is accessible to users in other countries. The existence of at least one foreign language is important to attract more foreign users interested in your product or service.

  • About 37% of Germans last year used the internet to book a vacation package or make a purchased visiting Greek websites and e-shops.
  • 50% of bookings and purchases on Greek products and services last year were made via internet from European countries and the USA.

Most websites lose their rankings in the search results because they don’t have good translations, right urls depending on the language, lack “meaning agreement” from one language to another.


 When you say that a website is functional, it meant that it helps the user to navigate within the site.

A main factor that makes the user stay on the website, is the browsing speed.

A beautiful website with modern design, is not always functional or provide the expected profits. This case is detected in the 90% of websites having a modern design.

We offer a combined solution in accordance with the needs of your business taking care of your website’s safety, the easy and fast navigation, by providing quality hosting services.

Hosting services (web hosting)

Your website will be hosted in high-end, non-stop Internet Servers, which can cover even the most demanding applications. The excellent operation and security of the Servers are ensured by:

  • Monitoring. Continuous monitoring of sites on the servers
  • Everyday back up.
  • Developed protection systems (Firewalls)
  • Systems Clustering and Load Balancing.
  • UPS. Autonomy in energy supply for 24 hour

Working with the Decade Development

For us, your growth, doesn’t stop with the delivery of the website.

Our main goal is through your company’s image, taking care of its improvement and its performance.

This means that the construction of a sound website aims to increase profits and create more customers.

Therefore your website will automatically be monitored by the premier statistical traffic information program, the world-class platform of Google, the Google Analytics. So you can get a detailed picture on:

  • The average customer stay in your website
  • How people use your page
  • What your page is most effective at attracting user interest