Google adwords for dynamic web presence

«Google Adwords» is one of the most effective forms of advertising by offering an online business the opportunity to directly reach targeted audience based on words and phrases related to the website, the language, country or age.

Creating an advertising campaign on Google Adwords is not easy nor can it be achieved by anyone.

It requires experience and training, or the person is in danger of losing money instead of increasing sales.

Decade Development offers targeted solutions to create a stable and growing customer base.

With correct and properly structured research, we achieve the rise of our partners on the first page of Google results, through Google Adwords, for popular phrase searches

  1. We find your target group to be featured on this with targeted ads.
  2. We analyze the needs and goals of your business and how you can increase your profits.
  3. Analyze the profile of your competitors to give you the edge over them.
  4. We identify and highlight your competitive advantage.
  5. We find the word or phrase related to your product or business that make your customers find you more easily
  6. We Design a detailed promotional campaign which is controlled and adjusted according to the needs of your business.
  7. We create your business banners

Google Adwords, are Google ads that can appear in two places:

  • On the same page where the user navigates to find information by searching what interests him (top, right or below the organic-natural results)

  • To various other websites that maintain cooperation with the Google network.

About banners

About the banners: Essential images used in Google Adwords.

  • Constitute the visual aspect of advertising, so it is particularly important
  • Their creation requires quality and unique content
  • They must meet certain conditions in order for the ad to be approve.

Google Adwords are a powerful and efficient way to promote any brand aiming to succeed.